3 tools for your pension savings in Denmark.

Do you live in Denmark and save for your retirement through your employer or privately? 

Then you might want to know:

  • How much have I already saved up and how much will I receive in pension payments each month when I retire?
  • What is my expected retirement age in Denmark? 
  • How was the return on my investments in pension savings in the previous years?
  • How much does my pension fund charge in annual costs for the administration of my pension?

In this article, you will get all the tools you need to answer these questions:

On PensionsInfo.dk you get access to your personal information about pension savings. You log in to the system with your NemID, the system will generate the report for you based on the numbers from all your pension savings in different pension funds, banks etc.

As the result, you can see how much you will receive in pension payments per month when you retire. You can also access the information about your insurances – how much your family will get in case of your death, how much you will get yourself if you at some point in time will be disabled for work etc.

You are also able to generate a pension report, which will give you an overview of your current pension savings.


Pensionsmaaler.dk is a pension calculator that will help you to check whether you are saving enough for your old age. You insert the information about:

  • for how many years have you been saving in Denmark
  • your monthly salary before taxes
  • the level of your current pension savings
  • the month and year of your birth – used to estimate your expected pension age

Click on “Beregn = calculate” and get an estimation of monthly pension payments and how big percentage it represents of your current working income. In Denmark, you would normally need to have between 60 and 80% of your working income when you retire. The calculator will allow you to see whether you are close to that percentage or not.

I have made a video for you with a detailed instruction on how to use this calculator. Download it for free here:

On the website www.faktaompension.dk you can compare return on investments and administration costs across all pension funds and companies in Denmark.

You start by choosing:

  • your age
  • how much you save annually
  • the level of your current accumulated pension savings

Based on this information, you will get the results from different pension funds regarding their return on investments in the recent years. As a starting point the return is shown for years 2015-2017, but you can adjust the time frame.

The next step is to choose several pension companies and see them being compared to each other based on the return on investments, the annual administration costs, level of insurance coverage etc.

In this way you can compare administration costs and investment returns of your pension fund to the costs and returns of other funds. 

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