Aktiesparekonto – Stock savings account in Denmark

AKTIESPAREKONTO – savings account for investing in stocks or investment funds that invest in stocks.

In December 2018 the government in Denmark has passed the law that allows for a special stock savings account with lower taxation than otherwise with investments in stocks.


Main features of this account:

1. In 2019 you can maximum put 50,000 DKK in this account. This limit will increase each year up to 200,000 DKK in 2022.

2. The savings on this account can be invested either directly in stocks or investment funds that invest in stocks.

3. The current taxation of stock income is 27% for an amount up to 54,000 DKK a year and 42% for an amount above 54,000 DKK a year (amount is per person). The taxation of this special stock savings account will be different: The gains are taxed with 17%, but regardless of whether the gains are realized or not (you will be taxed even though you haven’t sold your stocks).





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