Family insurance in Denmark


Indboforsikring (may also be called familieforsikring, basisforsikring mv.)

This insurance can be translated as property insurance or family insurance (as it is called in some insurance companies). It actually includes three separate types of insurance:

• Property insurance (forsikring af indbo)

• Liability insurance (ansvarsforsikring)

• Private claims insurance (retshiælpsforsikring)

Each insurance company has slightly different terms and conditions for this kind of insurance. When buying such insurance, you need to watch what risks they cover and what risks they don’t. By Danish law, such insurance should at least include a standard package covering several risks.

Here are some of them:

Property insurance

The insurance company usually reimburse your losses (loss of property) in the following cases: burglary, fire, flooding, vandalism. When choosing insurance coverage, you should pay attention to the following factors:

1. There is a difference between simple theft and burglary. In the case of simple theft, you could simply forget to close the window and the thief entered your house. In this case, the insurance company pays a very small amount to recover the stolen property.

2. In the case of flooding, insurance mentions that such troubles are supposed to happen to you suddenly. For example, as a result of a broken pipe or natural disaster. If, for example, your house is flooded as a result of rain dripping through a poorly made roof, the insurance company most likely will not pay you compensation for the damaged property.

3. In case of a traffic accident, the insurance will cover the expenses for your personal property, but not the vehicle itself. For example, if a car hit you on a bicycle, and the bicycle and your glasses were damaged, the insurance company will cover only the cost of the glasses, but not the bicycle (unless you have additional insurance for the bicycle).

4. Your family insurance includes travel insurance for your property. This means that the insurance company will reimburse you for expenses incurred due to the breakdown or theft of your belongings, which you take with you on a travel trip or a business trip.

Liability insurance (Ansvarsforsikring)

If you or your children are guilty of harming someone else’s property or someone is injured because of you, you will need liability insurance. Such insurance is usually included in family insurance and will cover your expenses. For example, if your child breaks a neighbour’s window with a ball, it will be covered.

Private claims insurance (court assistance) Retshjælpsforsikring

This type of insurance will help you cover the costs of a lawyer and legal costs in case of a private trial. This could be a lawsuit directly related to what your basic insurance covers. If you are involved in a lawsuit related to your apartment or your property, this part of the insurance will provide you with compensation for legal expenses. Note that in conditions of this type of insurance, the so-called self-risk (selvrisiko) is reflected, which typically is 10% of the costs (minimum 2,500 DKK). This amount you will have to pay regardless of the outcome of the case.

Who is covered by family insurance?

Usually, your entire family is protected by your family insurance. It means that all family members registered at the same address are entitled to the full range of compensation described in the Family Insurance. In addition, children are protected by this insurance until they reach the age of 21, even if they no longer live together with their parents.

Prices for a family insurance policy

The price for family insurance depends on the area where you live, the type and age of your private house or building, the location of your apartment, and the maximum insurance premium to which you will be eligible in case of trouble.

You can check prices for different types of insurance on the website Here you can compare the price of a family insurance policy in several companies. 


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