It is said that the best business ideas come from scratching your own itch. If this holds, this business idea should be brilliant. Because I am scratching my own itch by building a consultancy around advising expats and other foreigners in Denmark in their personal finance matters.


See, I understand your pain. I have been there myself, having had a mess in my taxes, because I didn’t understand the system, taking a mortgage loan that I could not afford and that was not appropriate for me. I had trust in the system, I trusted that bank advisors would advise me correctly, I trusted Skat to have built a system, which was transparent and user friendly. Well, it just wasn’t the case.


After I have finished my education as MSc in Finance in Denmark, after having  worked in the Central Bank and in Danske Bank, after having studied the subject of personal finance for four years, I have decided that I wanted to do more. I began consulting, writing articles, talking about the topics of personal finance in Denmark at the seminars and workshops. I did that, so that others in situations like I had, can manage things better and in a more comfortable way that I did.


You should have the same knowledge of Danish rules and systems, as the Danes have, so that you can make wise financial decisions for you and your family.


Have a nice staying in Denmark!

Sincerely yours,

Elena Kabatchenko