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Learn how to manage and invest
your pension savings in Denmark.

Four weeks online course  

“Pension savings in Denmark”.


Start on the 15th of February 2019


You want to start pension savings

You plan to stay in Denmark, but your employer doesn’t save for your pension. Or maybe you are self-employed and have only yourself to pay for pension savings. You want to start to save for retirement, but don’t know where to start.

You want to increase your savings

You are paying to pension through your employer, but would like to understand what pension you are entitled to in Denmark. You also want to influence the way how your pension money is invested in the current pension scheme.

You want to manage existing savings

You have accumulated pension savings through your previous employments and would like to get the most out of that money. You want to gather your savings and invest them yourself or through a bank or pension fund. 

You have tried to understand how pension system works in Denmark. You have talked to your employer and asked other foreigners about advises. But the answers have guided you in different directions and you still have not taken any action.

but what is the point of saving for pension in denmark
if i might leave the country
before retirement?

If you at some point in time decide to leave Denmark, you can let your pension savings stay here and let them grow. If you move to another EU country, you can take your pension savings with you to an approved pension scheme in your new country.

Do you still think that you don’t need to save for pension in Denmark?

Actually, saving up for pension in Denmark might be the best solution for you. Denmark is a safe place to have your pension savings and it will give you a possibility of living a good life in your old age anywhere in the world. 

Imagine if you have had a personal support and all the knowledge you need in order to start managing your pension savings in Denmark?

That is exactly what you will get on this course.

what ELSE will you get ON THE COURSE?

You will learn about the four types of pension in Denmark and calculate how much you need to save for your future. If you already have pension savings, you will assess how much you have saved and how your money is invested.

In the closed course group you will find like-minded, with whom you will be able to discuss your challenges of investment for pension in Denmark

With guidance from an expert, you will register in Nordnet, bank or pension fund and start managing your pension savings.

You will no longer be in doubt about what happens to your pension savings if or when you leave Denmark. You and your family will have peace in mind with regards to your future.

In just four weeks you will sort out your pension situation and will start planning your financial future under guidance from Elena Kabatchenko.

Who is teaching the course?

Elena Kabatchenko – is the founder of Finance Guide and a finance professional with education from Aarhus University and Harvard Business School. Elena has working experience from the Central Bank of Denmark and Danske Bank, the largest private bank in Denmark. Since 2018, Elena has been teaching and consulting expats and other foreigners in Denmark on the financial topics – taxes, investments, pensions etc.

Professional experience:

  • Analyst in the Central Bank of Denmark
  • Senior analyst in Danske Bank
  • Underwriter and analyst in Export Credit Agency of Denmark, EKF
  • Founder, teacher and consultant in Finance Guide



LESSON 1: Pension system in Denmark and what you are entitled to?

  • State pension and ATP
  • Three pension forms in Denmark: Aldersopsparing, livrente and ratepension
  • Assessment of your current situation with pension savings in Denmark 

LESSON 2: How much do you need to save for your retirement?

  • Calculation of the amount that you need to save each month in order to have saved the desired amount
  • Investment plan for your pension savings and determination of your risk profile
  • Presentation of two cases

LESSON 3: Private pension savings in Denmark – what are your options?

  • Pension funds, banks or Nordnet – pros and cons
  • Insurance element of pension, do you need it and how much does it cost?
  • Your investment options – stocks, bonds, investment funds or ETF

LESSON 4: What happens to your pension savings in case you leave Denmark?

  • Overview of your options if you leave Denmark before the retirement age
  • If you move from Denmark to another country, how you can take your pension savings with you?
  • What portion of state pension (folkepension) will you be entitled to?

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Join the pension course today

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  • Every Monday at 7 PM Elena will host a webinar on a new topic. If you miss it, you will have the recording of it.
  • After each webinar you will have a home-work assignment, which will help you to start managing your pension savings in Denmark.
  • Elena will personally check your home-work and give you a detailed feedback on it.
  • We will communicate in a closed Facebook group during the course and, if necessary, arrange for additional webinars.
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