Travel insurance in Denmark

Travel insurance (rejseforsikring)

Until August 1, 2014, the state Danish health insurance was valid during your trip up to one month in duration within the European Union. 

There are new rules since August 2014. Now all Danish residents who have citizenship in one of the countries of the European Union, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland or Liechtenstein, and their family members can get the blue European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card gives you an opportunity to get medical care if you travel to one of the countries above (the duration of travel and residence can be a maximum of one year). The medical care that this card provides is the same as available to the citizens of the country that you are visiting. The cost of medical care for you when using EHIC will be equivalent to the cost of similar services for residents. For example, if the citizens of this country pay to the visit to a dentist, then you will also have to pay. Order the blue card here: LINK

If you want to get an extended health insurance policy and have property insurance when you travel, then you should consider purchasing a separate insurance policy in a private insurance company.

Often, travel insurance is included in your family insurance policy (indboforsikring). You will save a lot of money purchasing insurance this way (compared to what you must pay for a separate travel insurance policy).

What is usually covered by the travel insurance policy (in private insurance company):

  1. Health insurance: Covers even high costs of medical care and hospital stays in case of illness (hospital) or accident;
  2. Transportation home: If you need to be transported home by special transport due to illness or an accident, the insurance will cover the costs. If your stay in a hospital abroad for too long, the insurance will pay for the visit of one or two close relatives, as well as the costs of their stay abroad;
  3. Accident insurance: This insurance covers the costs of treatment and rehabilitation of injuries from an accident.
  4. Insurance against a catastrophe: Insurance covers the cost of evacuation in the event of a natural disaster or in the event of hostilities
  5. Sport: Please note that if you go on vacation, where you will ski or do parachute jumps, you will most likely need additional insurance to the insurance policy for the “extreme sports”.
  6. Liability insurance: Travel insurance usually includes liability insurance in case you are responsible for damage to property or the health of people;
  7. Insurance against theft: Insurance will compensate the value of personal property stolen from the insured persons during the trip;
  8. Compensation: Check your insurance policy how they pay insurance compensation in the event of baggage delay, partially failed vacation, etc.

Travel policies are usually divided into two categories:

Travel insurance in Europe, and travel insurance around the world. The prices for the second type of insurance are higher because insurance covers more countries and the risk for the insurance company increases.


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